About FamilyOven.com

This site is dedicated to my Mother who was always there to cook the very best food for a seemingly bottomless stomach and for her and other families to share their skills with the world.

About Us:

FamilyOven.com is a new concept designed to combine the social networking core philosophies with features that cater to home cooks, restaurants, bloggers and businesses in order to propel their food related products or culinary skills forward on the web. Our goal is to bring together cooks, from amateurs to restaurant owners, who are passionate about food and drink. The cooking community you help us create will bring out the best recipes on our site allowing users to rate improve upon and share them with friends.

We believe that allowing users to create their own home page that frames their favorite foods or culinary masterpieces is an important factor in creating a cooking site with social networking capabilities used to facilitate users in the best way possible and not as just a recipe site smashed together with social network features.

There is a great deal of room for improvement in the online cooking community and we hope to use our experience and skills in the industry
to fill in those holes.



About some of our current features:

Vertical Search: Vertical search is a search that focuses on one category of results to improve accuracy and relevance to a search. FamilyOven implements a vertical search for recipes so you can search Allrecipes.com, RecipeZaar.com, cooks.com and more through our interface.
Reverse Search: Our reverse search allows users to type in ingredients of a food or drink recipe and get results for recipes that match that description. This is a great to for finding recipes you have forgotten the name of, figuring out what to cook based on what you already have in the refrigerator or host a party based on what in your liquor cabinet.
Chomp recipes
Chomping: Chomping is a way for our users to quickly rate whether a recipe looks appetizing. Much like the digg model the hopes is that the community helps in deciding what content should "bubble up" to the top of the list as quality content. Recipes with high number of Chomp's can have increased search result positioning and gain more exposure to the community.
Save recipe
Save recipes for later: By clicking "save recipe for later" you add a recipe dynamically to your favorite recipe section. These recipes will be displayed on your home page along with any of your own recipe you may have uploaded.
Shopping list 1 2
Shopping List based on ingredients: We noticed that often times users would see a recipe and want to cook it for later. But most of the time we shop for food days before we cook and days after we have found great recipes. So we invented the one click shopping list tool. This tool allows you to quickly add ingredients from a recipes list of ingredients to save to a list you can pull from next time you visit the store.
Create your own site: This cool feature allows you to own your very own cooking site. Simply fill the content in by saving recipes to your favorites, or adding your own recipes to your collection. You can reserve your own url as well like http://jdoe.familyoven.com
Friends msgs
Friending:Friending is the basic skeleton of social networks and is the primary way to build up your cooking community
Messaging:This basic feature allows you to communicate with friends, or ask questions about recipes.