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Darla is the author of Messy Cucina, she currently lives at Albuquerque, N.M. but is originally from Davenport, IA.

what is your family's origin?
My father's side of the family is largely Swedish and my mother is both Irish and Okanagan-- a First Nations band in Southern British Columbia and Northern Washington State. My maternal grandmother is actually half Okanagan and half Nez Perce. Unfortunately she was assimilated at a young age and there is much to learn about this part of my heritage-- and my favorite way of learning is through food!

What is your current occupation?
I'm working on my Master's in Intercultural Communication at the University of New Mexico. I'm fascinated by the idea of culture shock, the process of cultural adaptation and how it all relates to our identity development. No joke, but I'm also interested in what role food might play in the cultural experience when traveling/living abroad. I intend to gather as much first hand knowledge on these subjects as possible!

Where do you get your culinary inspiration from?
From good food!

Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging in the fall of 2005. My husband and I are both from Washington State and we were newlyweds in Iowa. He is going to grad school and I was bored. I've always enjoyed cooking and decided to expand my skills while in the Midwest. One day I accidentally found a food blog and I was hooked. I was reading them day and night and decided I should start my own!

whats your favorite thing about cooking?
I love the process, the thought, that goes into the final product. Combining and omitting flavors to please, surprise and even challenge your guests while showing love.

Besides cooking what is something you like do on your spare time?
Right now I am also a grad student. In January I moved to Albuquerque to go to UNM. I'm back in Iowa with my husband for the summer and looking forward to getting back in the kitchen-- it's been a few months since I've had time to cook for enjoyment and curiosity!

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