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Magic Tofu


Magic Tofu is the author of Slurp and Burp

Where do you currently live?
I live in Ottawa, Canada, and use the pseudonym Magictofu which I got from an old joke that used to make me laugh a lot. I’m not sure it is worth repeating here but it goes like this: “Q: What is white soft and can go through walls? A: a block of Mgictofu!” I know what you are thinking but it is much funnier after a few beers.

What is your family's origin?
I am French Canadian, originally from Quebec City. My partner, Fufu, who often contribute her comments on my blog, is Chinese.

What is your current occupation?
After spending years, not to say decades, as a grad student, I dropped out of a PhD program in Geography and began a career with the Canadian government doing mostly policy work. Cooking is a great way to get your feet firmly back on the ground and make space in your life things a little less abstract than social sciences or government policy work.

Where do you get your culinary inspiration from?
This is a very difficult question. Both my parents were great cooks but had very different styles… I am sure they both contributed to my interest but my curiosity mostly grew out of my geeky side coupled with my love for good food and gatherings. Inspiration also emerged from a few travels, various diners with friends, and visits to the market or the grocery store and let’s admit it, the very human need to eat. Cooking, after all, is link to our animal need for food… and what’s in front of you, in the fridge or the pantry, is often what inspires you the most.

Why did you start blogging?
I discovered blogs quite late. My first goal when starting my blog was to find a way to document my experiences in the kitchen so that I could learn from them and see how my skills and tastes evolved over time. As I wrote my first posts, I discovered other blogs which I started to read on almost a daily basis. Soon enough, I received a few comments from various readers. This was a very welcome surprise to me. Not only was I having fun cooking and writing about the whole process and results, but I inadvertently began some sort of dialogue with other bloggers and readers... I was hooked.

Whats your favorite thing about cooking?
There is something quite fascinating in combining simple ingredients in order to produce delicious meals. Food is also at the center of many social activities, which I consider to be essential for the wellbeing of individuals and society. But I guess my true favourite thing about cooking is still eating the end result.

Besides cooking what is something you like do on your spare time?
My partner says that I am a mushroom maniac. I love mushroom hunting... it combines a few of the best things in life: walking, nature, food and discoveries. Walking in the woods in some kind of weird treasure hunt coordinated by complex ecosystems in order to find those delightful products of the forest is truly fantastic.

Here are some of best recipes from the blog:

Lobster, morels and green vegetables flan with morel beurre blanc
Homemade sauerkraut
Beet root carpaccio with a warm pear and walnut compote and grilled pieces of pig hear
Pig trotters - pied de cochon
Fake Soft boiled egg