Featured Food Blogger

Melody Polakow


Melody is the author of melomeals.blogspot.com

Where do you live and what is your family's origin?
We live in Portsmouth, NH. I grew up in Colorado and Iowa. I am of Scandinavian, Irish and German descent.

Where do you get your culinary inspiration from?
Everywhere! I find that food brings people together and what inspires me the most is to prepare healthy and delicious food that is nourishing to the soul of the person as well as their taste buds. I believe healthy food can be just as pleasing as food filled with excess fat, sugar and animal products.

where did your blog name come from and why did you start blogging?
I have always loved to cook, and was excited to find food blogs out there with beautiful pictures! I was inspired to try my hand at blogging by all the wonderful, vegan bloggers at blogspot. My name, Melomeals, is the name of my Personal Chef business.

Whats your favorite thing about cooking?
I love everything about cooking! I love having the food lead me. Going the the local Farm stand, the food has an agenda of it's own and I can start a dish with something in mind, and during the cooking process, I often end up with an entirely different dish than I had planned on.

Besides cooking what is something you like do on your spare time? I love walking and training my dog, Jorda.

Here are some of Melody's favorite recipes from her blog:

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Pina Colada Cream Tart
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