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I am a born and bred South African (SA) who grew up, was educated and worked quite happily in Port Elizabeth all her life. I had a beautiful townhouse in the same suburb as my brother, my parents and my two best friends. I had a job teaching law at the local technical university, which I adored. Life was perfect.

Then I met Nick and life became even MORE perfect. And then Nick decided that what he really wanted to do was to work in England for a year and hey, that sounded really exciting. So I took a sabbatical and off we went and lo, it was good!

So here I am, still in the same house we originally rented in June 2000 and working in my 3rd job since then (one with Coca-Cola, one with a US law firm and now with an English law firm). Because living here meant leaving behind so many of the things that made me happy (my family, my childhood friends, my job, the sunshine...), I started investigating other things that made me happy that could be done here. Hence my burgeoning interest in cooking, photography and blogging!

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