ChefsugNote From The Chef

dlp2104 22:12, 24 Oct 2007

U can add more cheese or salt to taste but remember the cheese has salt in it too be careful the salt taste doesnt overwhelm the recipe.


javafiend1967 13:40, 26 Oct 2007

the sauce compliments the meatballs or the meatballs compliment the sauce im not sure which but either way its beyond heaven

NoteJust A Note

sshadmand 03:05, 31 Oct 2007

Wow, meatballs from scratch. Been a while since meetballs I ate were more then a sauce on reheated costco bulk meatballs. Thanks for the add!

SuggestCan I Suggest...

afigment_63 20:50, 21 Oct 2012

Please correct spelling errors. Bad example...