as quick and light as a butterfly

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Ingredients [?]

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  • add   Tomato, Chives -- Optional Decoratiion
  • add   Cilantro
  • add   Garlic
  • add   Olives-- Mixed, Pickled varieties
  • add   Salt, Pepper, Dry Spices(Oregano, Rosmary, Paprika)
  • add   Apple Cider Vinegar
  • add   Orange Juice -- not from concentrate OR ELSE
  • add   Favorite Ceasar Dressing
  • add   Salad Mix
  • add   Chicken Breasts -- Butterfly cut


  1. I am filling this out half hour before the deadline so please enjoy and be gentle.Heat up Orange Juice (Microwave maybe OK) add in dried aromatics (oregano, rosemary) and then apple cider vinegar, and keep it warm for dried spices to open up and the the juice sugars to blend (add red pepper and cayenne flakes for heat lovers). let it come to at least room temp (at least) and marinate butterflied chicken breasts (skinless will make this no oil or butter dish even more heart friendly) and the butterfly cut will make the marinate of the OJ and Vinegar with Salt&Pepper go much fasterThen prepare a simple tapanade (spelling!!!) --- in a food processor chop NOT Puree Olives (variety) and lots of garlic, black pepper, and a bit of oil of oil or Orange Juice for less oil with cilantro and combine with your favorite ceasar dressing for a kick of garlic and flavor -- garlic and oils are really good for you and that's what this a alltime favorite is all about and now faster, leaner, and obviously way better.while you dry your salad(obviously so that the dressing sticks better and you end up using even less) the buttefly fillet will marinate the chicken that is then to be lightly pan fried (grill marks always good even on skillets) and the moisture of the chicken will not require lots of oil and then butterfly cut allows for quick grill so not charring the chickenplate the tapanade dressed salad on a plate with a cut red tomato inside an open (yellow) bellpeper (if you can do zigzags in them to create more of a flower look even better ) place at the center of the plate on top of the greens and add a bit more dressing sort of a holding vesself as well then place the chickent by it -- opened up as a butterfly with chives as little feelers, and tapanade dressing drizzled in lines for the color scheme of a butterfly laying center on top of a long croton to serve as the body of a butterflyhere it is very quick, ultra healthy, all loved and freshly redesigned to make it quick with more flavors blended together and THE presentation to match

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