Best Lemonade

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This is from one of my first Good House Keeping cookbooks. You must use a *zester* in order to avoid getting any of that bitter rind, and when you zest the lemons, zest them onto some sugar from the recipe (the sugar will 'catch' all of the oils). I also advise you from personal experience to use only the best skinned lemons for the best flavor.

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  • add   1 1/2 cups sugar
  • add   1 1/2 cups fresh lemon juice, strained (8 to 10 washed Lemons)
  • add   fresh water
  • add   3/4 cup club soda (I never use it myself) (optional)
  • add   1 tablespoon lemons, rind of, finely grated or lemons, zest of, finely grated (without any white rind)
  • add   ice cubes


  1. Into a 1 quart Jar with tight fitting lid, put sugar and lemon peel, or zest;add 1 1/2 cups very hot water (not from tap!). With lid fitted firmly, shake jar until sugar is dissolved.
  2. Add lemon juice. Refrigerate until chilled.
  3. To Serve: Into each 12-ounce glass, over ice cubes, pour 1/4 cup of the lemon syrup.
  4. Then add chilled club soda or, if you prefer, water.
  5. Stir to mix well.