Chicken Spinach Queso Northwest

by ne1410s

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Ingredients [?]

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  • add   19. 1 Bunch Loose Leaf lettuce
  • add   18. 1 Bottle Diced Pimentos-4 oz.
  • add   17. 1 Bunch fresh cilantro-chopped.
  • add   16. 1 Large can [ 49 1/2 oz. ] of Swanson?s Chicken Broth.
  • add   15. 1 Fresh-Ripe whole Pineapple, unsliced.
  • add   14. Knorr?s Instant Chicken Bouillon cubes-Large size X 2, DO NOT SUBSTITUTE!
  • add   13. 1 Box-14 oz Instant Brown Rice -allow approx. 1+ cup cooked rice per serving
  • add   12. Boneless-Skinless Chicken Thighs, thawed, 12 thighs allowing 2 thighs per serving.
  • add   11. 2 table spoons Black Pepper course grind, milled fine
  • add   10. 3 table spoons table salt
  • add   9. 3 table spoons Durkee Grill Creations Smokey Mesquite, milled fine
  • add   8. 2 table spoons Tone?s SW Chipotle Seasoning, milled fine.
  • add   7. 1 table spoon Old Bay Seasoning
  • add   6. 2-15 ½ oz -jar of Tostitos Medium Monterey Jack Queso
  • add   5. 32 oz -shredded Appel Farms Farmstead Smoked Gouda Cheese
  • add   4. 12 fresh green Jalapenos ?seedless, medium chopped, reserve ½ cup for rice
  • add   3. 2 medium sized white onions ?medium chopped, reserve ½ cup for rice.
  • add   2. 8-Thick cut slices Hickory Smoked Bacon-fine chopped. DO NOT USE MAPLE!
  • add   1. 3 Lbs -Fresh Frozen [well thawed] Chopped Baby Spinach-WELL DRAINED!
  • add   Ingredients:
  • add   Yes, there are extra items for the unexpected.
  • add   1 Bar Lava Hand soap, warm water and nail cleaner
  • add   1 Heavy duty garbage bag to keep work area clean
  • add   1 Roll of paper towels 2-ply type.
  • add   1 Elec. Timer-Stay on time!
  • add   1 Metal Measuring spoon set
  • add   1 Metal Measuring cup set
  • add   1 Spice Mill / Coffee grinder, elec/battery.
  • add   1 Can opener
  • add   8 Large-gallon size Zip-Lock baggies
  • add   8 Zip-Lock Containers Medium 4 cup size.
  • add   1 Bottle of LouAna® Peanut Oil 24 ounces
  • add   1 Kitchen size dry seasoning shaker
  • add   1 Large HD-cookie sheet for transport and drain area
  • add   1 Large cheese grater
  • add   2 Very sharp knives-serrated chef knife types will do
  • add   1 Cutting board medium size approx. 18? by 24?
  • add   2 Large kitchen spoons, slotted & unslotted 1 each.
  • add   1 Metal colander to drain spinach
  • add   2 Medium non-stick pot with lid-minimum size 4-6 quart , w/lid for rice
  • add   2 Large non-stick Sauté fry pan-minimum size 12?
  • add   2 Aluminum roaster tray pans [11 3/4 x 9 3/8 x 2 5/16]-Use Heavy Duty cook-and-carry type pan.
  • add   1 Roll of wide-heavy duty aluminum foil
  • add   Supplies:


  1. Before starting, are your hands cleanWash hands with soap and rinse well with warm water, wash and rinse hands often during prep time and handling of food. Be sure your hand and finger jewelry is off and you have short well trimmed finger nails!If hands and finger nails are now washed and clean, proceed!Set Up & Prep Time 15 minutes:1. Open and place 3 Lbs -Fresh Frozen [thawed] Chopped Baby Spinach in colander, press out extra fluid and set aside in colander allow draining, on paper towels on tray. Must be well drained. [If you must thaw frozen spinach, take 4-6 quart pot with lid, add 1 cup chicken broth and 1 cup water, add spinach and bring to boil, cover, and simmer for about 5 to 10 minutes, drain well and use .]2. Take 8-Thick cut slices Hickory Smoked Bacon-fine chop and set aside.3. Take 2 medium white onions medium chop, reserve ½ cup for rice.4. Take 12 large green jalapeño peppers, cut in half and remove seeds, medium chop and reserve ½ cup for rice. WASH HANDS; DO NOT TOUCH FACE OR EYES! WASH HANDS. 5. Take 32 oz block of Appel Farms Farmstead Smoked Gouda Cheese, using large grater, shred all 32 oz and set side. Reserve approx 1/3 for presentation.6. Break lid seals on 2-15 ½ oz -jar of Tostitos Medium Monterey Jack Queso and set aside.7. Rough chop one bunch of cilantro, set aside for presentation.8. Turn on oven to 350 F.9. Using 4 quart medium sauce pan, place 6 cups chicken broth and 2 chicken bouillon cubes in pot and bring to rapid boil over high heat, add 1-14 oz. box of instant brown rice, bring back to boil, cover and reduce heat to simmer for approx. 10 minutes till done.10. Take and rinse loose leaf lettuce, gently dry and place in zip-lock bag & set in cool spot till presentation.11. Take fresh whole pineapple and rinse, cross cut center slices on angle, about ½ inch thick. Cut each slice in half and remove core from slices, leave outside rim intact, place in zip-lock bag & set 12 halves aside in cool spot to chill for presentation.Measure out, mill fine as needed in spice / coffee mill 1 table spoons Old Bay Seasoning 2 table spoons Tones SW Chipotle Seasoning, milled fine. 3 table spoons Durkee Grill Creations Smokey Mesquite Seasoning, milled fine 3 table spoons table salt 2 table spoons Black Pepper, milled fine-Mix & toss together and place all of season mix into dry seasoning shaker .Using Boneless-Skinless Chicken Thighs, 12 thighs or about 2-3 lbs. allowing 2 thighs per serving, hand prep and remove any gristle or left over bone fragments!Evenly sprinkle season mix from dry season shaker over each chicken thigh.Place in large Zip-Lock bag and set in cool place.Are you ready Prep Time 15 minutes-Check spinach in colander, press out fluid by hand, wash hands when done.-Sauté chopped bacon over high heat in small amount of peanut oil, when bacon is crispy about 5-10 minutes, add chopped jalapenos and chopped onions , allow to sauté for 3-4 minutes. Toss well during cooking.-Put drained spinach in aluminum roaster pan, spread it out, follow with adding combined sauté mixture of bacon, onions and jalapenos spread out evenly, then layer 2/3rds of shredded Smoked Gouda Cheese, and then add both 15 ½ oz jars of queso, cover with aluminum foil.. Place in 350 degree oven and allow cheese to melt and queso to mix with all other ingredients.What next Time 30 minutes:Once your spinach queso mix is in the hot oven, gather prepped chicken thighs, peanut oil and cooking utensils and have at hand. Double check that all needed items are present and at hand!DO NOT LEAVE SAUTEE AREA UNATTENDED AT THIS POINT!Rice-should be done by now. Check, take off burner and set aside.-Using Sautee pan, add 2 table spoons peanut oil, place seasoned chicken thighs in hot pan and sauté on high heat.Cook thighs 2 minutes 1st side, flip once, cook 2 minutes on 2nd side.Set cooked thighs aside till all are cooked, then.Remove of spinach queso mix from oven, open and gently stir contents. Take all of the sautéed chicken thighs and place in queso / spinach mix tray, using kitchen spoon cover sautéed thighs with heated spinach queso mix, replace aluminum foil cover and return to hot 350 degree oven for about 25 minutes. This will allow chicken to be complete cooking and flavors to meld. -Sautee reserved jalapenos and onions in 2 tablespoons of peanut oil over high heat, then add 2-3 cups of cooked brown rice and add drained pimentos-toss constantly over heat till all rice is mixed with sautéed jalapenos, pimentos and onions and rice mixture is up to heat. Repeat till all of rice is incorporated into mix and brought up to heat. Toss and mix all ingredients well using one of the aluminum trays to receive sautéed rice mixture. Cover w/aluminum foil.To assemble Chicken Spinach Queso Northwest servings: 10 Minutes-Place serving of sautéed rice, jalapeños, pimentos and onions on serving plate, Remove queso mix from oven and turn oven to broiler setting, open simmering queso spinach mix from top edge, watch out for steam rush!, gently remove [2]chicken thighs with slotted spoon, placing it on sautéed rice mix, add extra spinach queso topping from heated container to cover chicken thighs, garnish dish with reserved grated Smokey Gouda cheese, and return serving plate to oven broiler to melt cheese for presentation. When cheese is melted remove from oven, sprinkle with fresh chopped cilantro, add side garnish of fresh pineapple slices on loose leaf lettuce and serve immediately.Serve Hot and Eat Immediately! Makes servings for 6 wowed chicken fanatics and you are considered a food genius!