Chili Rellenos

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My mother made this as I was growing up have no clue where she got it.

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  • add   1 can canned milk
  • add   1 tablespoon flour
  • add   3/4 lb monterey jack cheese
  • add   salt and pepper
  • add   4 eggs
  • add   1/2 lb cheddar cheese
  • add   2 (7 ounce) cans ortega chilies (seeds removed and soak in water for 1/2 hour)


  1. Grease a 13x9 pan.
  2. Line with chilies.
  3. Make a layer of cheese, then repeat,chilies,cheese.
  4. Beat eggs,salt,pepper, canned milk, and flour.
  5. Pour over cheese and chilies.
  6. Bake 1 hour 350 until golden brown.