Chilies Rellenos

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I'm not usually wild about foods coated in batter and fried, but these are VERY good.

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  • add   3 tablespoons flour
  • add   oil (for frying)
  • add   1/2 lb monterey jack cheese
  • add   1 (7 ounce) can green chilies
  • add   3 eggs
  • add   1/4 teaspoon salt
  • add   1/2 cup flour


  1. Drain and rinse the chilies, and cut a slit down the side of each; gently remove seeds& pith inside.
  2. Stuff each chili with a 1/2-inch square piece of cheese 1-inch shorter than the chili; slightly overlap the cut edges of the chili to hold cheese inside.
  3. Roll each chili in flour in a shallow pan to coat all over, gently shaking off excess.
  4. Beat the egg whites into soft peaks.
  5. Separately beat the yolks with 1 Tbs water plus the flour and salt until thick& creamy.
  6. Fold the beaten whites into the yolk mixture.
  7. Heat about 1½ inch of oil in a large skillet over medium heat.
  8. Dip the stuffed chilies into the fluffy batter, place them in a saucer, and slide them into the hot oil.
  9. When the bottoms are golden brown, gently turn, using a spatula and a fork, and cook other side, 3-4 minutes per side.
  10. The coating will be fluffy.
  11. Drain on paper towels.