Dansk Salmon with Aquavit - Gravlax

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Servs: 10

Grandma Mary's Danish heritage provided many super recipes. I hope I can have time to place them here for everyone in our family as well as yours to enjoy!

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  • add   Get a wild salmon without bones and sliced in half
  • add   (Approx. 2 pounds)
  • add   Put in pan cover with Aguavit (2 jiggers)
  • add   Pour over fish front and back with skin
  • add   (This is a must step so do not skip - dont worry the liquor is evaporated)
  • add   Put combo of sugar, salt and small crushed pepper over top of fish fillets
  • add   (1/2 c sugar, 1/4 cup kosher salt, 1 tbsp cracked pepper/dble if the fish are larger)


  1. Put fresh dill on the top of one side and then sandwich the other side over the dill...cover the top of the skin with small amount of salt mixture.
  2. Wrap in plastic very tight, place in plastic ziploc and put in tray in fridge (weight with brick covered in foil) for one day take out and open and put the juice back over the fish -basting- then re wrap and put back in fridge for another day-- If the fish is thick do it a 3rd day
  3. It will be done this is "cooked" by the salting, you open and remove the dill and then slice paper thin wo skin to make open face sandwishes on our black bread (sm?rrebr?d) you will cover the bread with thin layer of cream chz then the salmon then top with sour cream, capers and tiny sliced green of the green onion
  4. Read more about my family on my blog page and join me on Twitter @MissBusyBiz

ChefsugNote From The Chef

@SeniorCareTips 14:36, 01 Feb 2010

Aguavit goes with this treat if you want it on the side, it is served cold and in shot glasses, drink it in a one gulp (We freeze aquavit in a milk carton of water leaving room for expansion, when the water is frozen remove milk carton and serve. This looks great for your buffet. (You can keep in freezer and milk carton for ever) But this is a very traditional way to enjoy salmon - YUMM :)

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