french onion soup

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Finally found the perfect recipe for this soup! I've tried so many. Thanks Take Home Chef.

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  • add   2 tablespoons/30 ml olive oil
  • add   6 onions (about 3 pounds/1.4 g total), thinly sliced
  • add   4 garlic cloves, finely chopped
  • add   2 large sprigs fresh thyme
  • add   1 bay leaf
  • add   1/2 cup/110 ml dry red wine
  • add   1/2 cup/110 ml sherry
  • add   8 cups/2 liters good quality beef stock
  • add   Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • add   6 3/4-inch-/2-cm-thick slices sourdough bread
  • add   6 ounces/175 g Gruy?re cheese, shredded
  • add   2 tablespoons/about 5 g thinly sliced fresh flat leaf parsley


  1. Place a heavy based large pot over a moderate heat. Drizzle the olive oil into the hot pot and add the onions.
  2. Cook the onions for 1 hour or until they are golden, stirring often. Once the onions become very soft they will begin to stick to the bottom of the pot and turn a caramel brown color. As this occurs, scrape the browned onions from the bottom of the pot and stir them into the remaining onion mixture.
  3. Add the garlic, thyme and bay leaf to the onions and cook for 5 minutes or until the garlic softens. Add the red wine and sherry and stir to scrape up any browned bits on the bottom of the pan. Simmer for 5 minutes or until the liquids reduce by half.
  4. Add the stock and bring the soup to a gentle simmer, skimming any foam that rises to the top, if necessary. Season the soup lightly with salt and pepper. Add just a bit of salt and pepper here, but not too much since the soup will reduce as it simmers and the flavors will become more concentrated.
  5. Allow the soup to simmer uncovered for 25 minutes. Season the soup to taste with salt and pepper. Meanwhile, preheat the broiler on high. Arrange the sourdough bread slices on a baking sheet and broil for 2 minutes or until golden brown on top.
  6. Divide the soup among 6 high sided ovenproof serving bowls. Place the bowls of soup on a heavy baking sheet. Place one bread slice, toasted side down, on top of each bowl of soup.
  7. Divide the cheese among the soup bowls and sprinkle with parsley. Place the soup bowls under the broiler for about 3 minutes or until the cheese melts and is golden brown. Remove from the broiler and serve.

NoteJust A Note

jasminfish 20:00, 24 Sep 2007

You have great taste. I love this recipe of yours as well. Especially with Fall and winter on its way. Have you ever had panachet? Onion soup follow by a panachet outside on a fall day is Tres Bien. (Panachet is beer with lemonaid)

ChefsugNote From The Chef

ackochhar 00:14, 24 Sep 2007

I reduced the beef stock by 3/4 a cup and replaced it with the same amount of a good dark beer...I like the combination with the red wine and sherry, makes it heartier.

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