German Chocolate pumpkin pineapple upside down cake


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Servs: 10   Prep:   Cook:

2013 Thanksgiving no american pumpkin pie...yes no pumpkin pie instead i created this moist delicious pumpkin cake . it was ah & bravo- ed for taste & presentation...

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  • add   one package of any chocolate cake mix
  • add   one can of 16 oz pumpkin
  • add   one can of pineapple cut in circle
  • add   (or it can be substitute for any other kind of fruit .such as apple, coconut,apricot) Etc..


  1. mix the cake mix according to direction on the box.then add the can of pumpkin to the batter & mix well.
  2. use only extra virgin olive oil in the mix.
  3. Pre heat oven to 325 .
  4. use 12 inch round or 16 as height for your cake.( the 12 inch the cake height is taller than 16 inch)
  5. pre oil the cake pan & cut a circle of wax paper lay on the bottom of pan then design you arrangement of your choice of fruit.I used pineapple
  6. pour the batter in the spring cake the cake two times & give it the tooth pick test..when it is done let the cake cool . remove the cake on a plate upside down to have the design on top.
  7. do not remove the wax paper until you ready to serve.

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