Gourmet Sweet Potato Pie


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Servs: 8   Prep:   Cook:

My grandmother made an excellent sweet potato pie so good me and my brothers and sisters would fight for the bowl. She would make pies for holidays and for birthdays but for christmas, we would get our own pie. I was one of 11 children.

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  • add   For 2 large deep dish pies:
  • add   3 lg sweet potatoes
  • add   2 eggs
  • add   1 cup natural sugar
  • add   1 stick salted butter
  • add   1 can evaporated milk / orange juice
  • add   1 tbl spoon vanilla extract
  • add   1 tea spoon lemon extract
  • add   1 tbl spoon nutmeg
  • add   have your eggs, butter and milk and pie shells at room temp.
  • add   pre heat oven to 400 degrees ( I suggest that you start this proccess early in the morning)
  • add   wrap your potatoes in alluminum foil and bake for 1/2 hrs til soft ( let potatoes cool down enough to handle before unwrapping yet still warm) *turn oven down to 325 for pies*
  • add   when potatoes are ready you'll need a large mixing bowl a mixer or a potato masher
  • add   unwrap potatoes from the foil( but don't ball up the foil ) peel and discard the skin and place the potatoes in the bowl along with the oil from the potatoes (boiling takes away the nutrients)
  • add   Mix or mash potatoes whichever your using.
  • add   Add butter then mix in then eggs, cup of sugar, then1 can milk(or to the thickness that you desire) and mix real good
  • add   Add tbl spoon of vanilla and tea spoon of lemon
  • add   *secret weapon.... add 1-3 caps of orange juice(taste)
  • add   Add nutmeg (or to your liking)
  • add   Melt down some butter. Using a fork polk wholes around the bottom and sides of each pie crust and spread the butter throughout each pie crust and then place in the oven.
  • add   The moment the crust starts to rise take them out and then add your custard( this is so that the crust isn;t gooey)
  • add   Bake until the pie is firm to the touch and then remove from oven
  • add   "Now my secret weapon which gives it the Gourmet touch!
  • add   Maple syrup....maple syrup? "yes maple syrup.
  • add   Pour some syrup in a small cup..... get you a piece of napkin or paper towel whichever,
  • add   Dip it in your syrup......and spread it around the edges of the pie crust all the way around
  • add   Reapeat this process 3 times....know why ?
  • add   Because the crust is the last thing that goes into your mouth and the syrup compliments the pie
  • add   instead of that dry burnt taste you get when you get to the crust........ you'll get a sweet taste throughout your eating. {-:
  • add   Enjoy


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