hot & spicy barbque fried chicken w/ lime juice

by g33k4u

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  • add   for the sauce you need: barbque sauce,worchire sauce, honeymustard also 1 jalepino pepper. and 1 red and 1 green peppers,fresh garlic and 1 whole onion. 1 lime
  • add   chicken, flour, salt, pepper,garlic powder, seasoning salt, onion powder,powder butter.


  1. first you clean your chicken throughly. and if is a whole chicken you can cut into pieces. You can season your chicken with salt(optional). add pepper, garlic powder,onion powder and seasoning salt. You massage the seasoning right into the chicken pieces. Then you start to mix your flour and powdered butter. You can put 1 cup of flour and a half of cup of powder butter into 1 zipped lock bag. Once you've done that you can begin to slice your red and green peppersdice your garlic and jalepino pepper. Depends on how spicy you want it you can use two. Add 1cup and half of canola oil to your pot for deep frying. Put your fire medium to get the oil nice and boiling hot. You add your season chicken to your flour and powder butter mix and begin to fry. As you are doing that take a sauce pan and begin to sautee your peppers and garlic onion, and jalepino when they are done you can begin to add a cup of barbque sauce, a 2/3 honeymustard I usuasally just season to taste. Three table spoons of worchire sauce. You add your peppers and garlic to the sauce. When you are through frying your chicken make sure you get the excess oil drained off. Take the chicken and dip into the sauce while the chicken and the sauce is hot. You plate your chicken and add your tasty peppers and onions on top of your barbque fried chicken. You then take a fresh lime and squeeze over your chicken and sauce. There you have it! Your spicy fried barbque chicken with lime.I usually serve with fries or jojo which are potatoe fries also. (small note) If you don't like spicy you can alway drop the jalepino pepper.