italian red sauce


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Servs: 20   Prep:   Cook:

This is a family recipe that has been used for years.I remember watching my dad and mom make this and this is how I learned at a very young age.

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  • add   2 Large cans tomotow Puree (hunts, contadina)
  • add   4 small cans of tomatow paste
  • add   water refill of each can
  • add   One large white onion
  • add   Italian seasonings( 8 shakes)
  • add   garlic powder( 6 shakes)
  • add   cumin( 5 shakes)
  • add   corriander( 8 shakes)
  • add   bayleafs(2)
  • add   salt (to taste one and half swirls from container)
  • add   pepper( 5 twists from pepper mill)
  • add   ground fennel 2 teaspoons
  • add   parsley(6 to 8 shakes)
  • add   basil(8 shakes)
  • add   allspice ( just a tad here 3 to 4 shakes)
  • add   oregano (4 shakes)


  1. I add all ingrediants to a large stockpot, refill each tomatoe can with water, I prefer using spring water but u can use tap.I peel one white onion skin off.The add onion and remaining spices as follows from list above. Spices are to taste u may like spicier then I do so add and each time u make this it is always a tad different but so good. I cook on low for 3 to 4 hours. You can serve it after maybe 2 hrs as long as meatballs are cooked through. I cook my raw meatballs in the sauce along with cooked italian sausages. I use sweet italian and hot italian just cut different so u know which is which in sauce.I also add various meats that are from leftovers , such as steaks, and pork.The sauce tenderizes them:).U need to contantly stir the pot every 15 to 20 mins and use a cover cause it will spash careful not to have meat stick to bottom or burn bottom of pan this will leave a burnt taste in whole sauce if u feel it sticking to bottom dont scape it from bottom but stir close enough to mix meat and sauce. I have made so many of these and maybe only once usually as leftovers have had it stick.just make sure u stir often.


javafiend1967 13:38, 26 Oct 2007

one of thebest i ever had

ChefsugNote From The Chef

dlp2104 21:59, 24 Oct 2007

Keep in refrigerator one week at top and freeze remaining in freezer containers or baggies. A wonderful meal to pull from freezer.

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