kickin chicken dim sum

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Ingredients [?]

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  • add   1 teaspoon chopped green scallions
  • add   2 teaspoons toasted sesame seeds
  • add   2 teaspoons seasoned rice vinegar
  • add   ¼ cup soy sauce
  • add   2 teaspoons chili sauce (more or less depending on your heat tolerance)
  • add   ¼ cup toasted sesame oil
  • add   **Dipping Sauce**
  • add   ¼ cup apple juice
  • add   3 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • add   1/3 cup corn starch
  • add   30 wonton - round++
  • add   1 teaspoon chili sauce (can be found in the Asain section of the grocery store)
  • add   1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • add   2 teaspoon minced garlic
  • add   4 scallion finely chopped - white and green part (more to garnish)
  • add   10 ounces finely chopped boneless, skinless chicken thighs +
  • add   6 ounces finely chopped andouille +


  1. In a medium bowl thoroughly combine andouille through hot sauce. Place 1 tablespoon of the mixture in the center of the round wonton wrapper. Bring the wonton wrapper up around the mixture. Wrap your thumb and forefinger around the dumpling (like and "ok" sign) and squeeze in slightly to make a "waist" in the dumpling. At the same time pat the top and bottom of dumpling with the your other forefinger and thumb. This will help the mixture stay secure in the wonton wrapper and the dumpling to stay up right. You should be able to see some of the mixture through the top of the wonton wrapper, and the bottom should be flat. Place each dumpling as it is filled and patted on a parchment lined jellyroll pan dusted evenly with the cornstarch. Excess filling, if any, can be discarded or made into more dumplings. Dumplings can be made up to twelve hours in advance. If made in advance, refrigerate dumplings uncovered on the cornstarch lined cookie sheet. In a 12-inch non-stick sauté pan heat the oil over high heat. Add the prepared dumplings, bottom down, to the sauté pan. Do not dust off excess cornstarch. Cook for about two minutes shaking the pan occasionally, but not flipping the dumplings over. Once the dumplings begin to sizzle and the bottoms are nicely brown add the apple juice and immediately cover the pan. Cook for about 1 to 2 minutes more then remove the lid and let the rest of the sauce evaporate slightly. About 30 seconds. Remove to a serving platter. Garnish with scallions if desired and serve immediately with the dipping sauce. Use of chopsticks is recommended.**Dipping Sauce**Add the dipping sauce ingredients into a small bowl and whisk to incorporate. Allow guests to dip their Dim Sum in to the sauce. Serves 10 as an appetizer or 4 as a main course+You may want to use a food processor to individually chop dumpling ingredients. Important to chop each item individually.++ If you cannot find round wonton wrapper cut the square ones round. You will want the diameter to be approximately 2 ½ - 3 inch.