Lentils in Turkey Broth

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My DH appreciates a lentil soup that is less salty than my usual ham hock recipe. So I created this one for him.

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  • add   2 carrots
  • add   1 teaspoon thyme
  • add   1/4 cup parsley
  • add   1 leek
  • add   1 onion
  • add   salt and pepper
  • add   3 celery ribs
  • add   1 bay leaf
  • add   1 quart water or chicken stock
  • add   2 turkey wings
  • add   1/2 lb lentils
  • add   3 potatoes


  1. In crockpot, cook oven-roasted turkey wings until meat is tender, along with vegetable peelings.
  2. Remove turkey wings from broth and cool.
  3. Strain broth and discard vegetable peelings.
  4. Return broth to crockpot.
  5. Cook Lentils in separate pot until tender.
  6. Rinse well in cool water.
  7. Put in crockpot with broth.
  8. Saute chopped vegetables in olive oil or butter until almost cooked.
  9. Put in crockpot with broth and lentils.
  10. Remove meat from cooled turkey wings.
  11. Put in crockpot with broth, lentils, and vegetables.
  12. Cook soup until vegetables are tender.
  13. Serve with burrito style tortillas that have been cut into triangles, deep-fat fried, and sprinkled with Tony Cacheries Cajun spice and curry powder.
  14. My DH calls these"Cheater Chapatis.
  15. "Can also serve with very ripe tomatoes diced small and put in soup at the table.