Low Carb Egg Foo Young

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Servs: 4

Mom always adored Chinese Food. When she and Daddy had time alone they were off to Jade Palace. They were married in 1926 and movies meant Chinese food too...so years later, stuck at home with kids...she began to make this great low cal, low carb treat for dinner. Always a fav of mine I worked it so I can enjoy it still on my low carb program...yeah

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  • add   6-8 eggs cracked and whipped in large bowl w pour spout
  • add   3 green onions chopped thin
  • add   1 can of bamboo shoots (or celery) chopped thin
  • add   1/2 cup bean sprouts
  • add   Leftover meats, shrimp and cooked veggies chopped small
  • add   1/4 cup frozen peas
  • add   1/2 tsp raw ginger minced or 1/4 tsp dry ginger
  • add   pepper to taste
  • add   Sauce// Chicken broth in saucepan with
  • add   Sprinkle of ginger and pepper
  • add   1/4 cup of soyasauce low sodium,
  • add   2 packets of sweetener
  • add   Squirt of catsup (it has sugar in it so use little bit for taste) 1/4 cup of corn starch to thicken or leave it out- Whisk this mixture till it boils and set aside.
  • add   Read more about our family on my blog page or join me on Twitter @MissBusyBiz


  1. This is just a recipe that will take what ever you want to bring to the table. If you have lots of leftovers just use a total of 1 - 11/2 cup of meats and veggies in the egg mixture.
  2. You want to put a small amount of salt because you will be using soyasauce in the gravy.
  3. Whisk or beat the eggs to lighten them a bit and then add in the veggies and mix with wooden spoon. Heat an 8" pan to hot and spray with Pam type of spray. You can also use peanut oil spray if you like the taste. Then laddle a 1/3 cup into the hot pan and cook on med-hi when egg is cooked on one side, flip over and it should slightly rise, then take off and put on plate with a cover to keep warm. Keep cooking and this will make at least 6 egg flat omellet pancakes - Put two on a plate and drizzle with the chicken broth/soyasauce gravy over the top and sprinkle with green onions (crushed peanuts) This makes a very filling dinner. The gravy can be made with thickener but if you are on low carb do not use any it will only add carbs and its tastes just as good without it.
  4. Everyone loves this dish, its easy to make and is a great budget stretcher, too.

ChefsugNote From The Chef

@SeniorCareTips 06:12, 02 Feb 2010

You know this is just a great way to take one piece of chicken or a little left over pork or steak and cut it up and make it work for a whole family meal. Give this a try ad dont over cook.

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