Santa Fe Style Autumn Roasted Green Chile Soup

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Servs: 8   Prep:   Cook:

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  • add   8. The use of fine grain sea salt has become a recent preference. This is a recent change.
  • add   7. The use of dried oregano is a basic. Remember to crush the oregano before adding.This releases the rich flavors and wonderful smells.An Italian seasoning herb blend also works very nicely.
  • add   6. The use of any type of ground pepper in green chile is another point of discussion. However, the use black and white ground pepper adds a nice dimension.
  • add   5. The use of cumin in green chile is cause for discussion within the families. Here, it is a preferred ingredient that adds a needed quality. The use of cumin is actually overshadowed by the discussion for the use of cilantro, some of the family bel
  • add   4. Chicken stock adds the needed depth to the soup. To make a rich chicken stock is a challenge of its own. However, use of canned low sodium chicken broth, supplemented by a good chicken flavored bullion, is a good substitute. A preferred brand of b
  • add   3. Preferred is the white onion as the taste is a bit stronger than the yellow onion.
  • add   2. Preferred is frozen or fresh New Mexico roasted green chile. The canned chile seems to give a taste of vinegar. A good brand is Bueno ( as they have a mild chopped and a very nice Autumn Roast. Some fresh minced jalapeño can als
  • add   Do not confuse this with the loin blade chop. This cut has a nice balance of meat and fat.
  • add   1. Preferred are steaks with bone from a blade roast. This cut is easier to work with when separating the meat, bone, fat & gristle. This may seem tedious but all parts will be used.
  • add   Notes:
  • add   Vegetable cooking oil; as needed
  • add   1 tablespoon of flour
  • add   (see note 8)
  • add   Salt (to taste)
  • add   (see note 7)
  • add   1 heaping teaspoon dried oregano (to taste)
  • add   (see note 6)
  • add   1/8 teaspoon of black pepper (to taste)
  • add   (see note 6)
  • add   Pinch of white pepper (to taste)
  • add   (see note 5)
  • add   2 teaspoons of ground cumin (to taste)
  • add   (see note 4)
  • add   1 cube chicken flavored buoillon,
  • add   (see note 4)
  • add   28-42 chicken stock or 2-3 of 14 oz. cans of low sodium chicken broth
  • add   (see note 3)
  • add   2 onions; chopped to 1/4 inch;
  • add   3-6 cloves of fresh garlic; minced (to taste)
  • add   (see note 2)
  • add   13-16 ounces of roasted green chile; chopped
  • add   (see note 1)
  • add   1 1/2 - 2 pounds of pork shoulder; separate bone, fat & gristle; cube meat to 3/4 inch


  1. Cooking Tools:4 quart or bigger stockpot; Use traditional cookware instead of non-stick cookwareWhen preparing fond-base sauce, non-stick coatings on cookware tend to prevent the development of fond (The browned and caramelized bits of meat stuck to the bottom of the pot). It is the fond that adds the complexity to the resulting sauce that makes the special homemade taste. This fond is a key special ingredient not found in a can or bottle. You will also need:1 bowl to set aside browned meat 1 bowl to set aside sautéed onions & garlicCooking Process:1. Take the stockpot and set it to low heat and start cutting the meat.2. Take the pork shoulder meat and start separating the meat from the bones & gristle. As your cutting away the bones, bits of fat and gristle, then drop them into the stockpot. This will do two things: (1) Render the oil from the fat which will add flavor; (2) The bits of meat on the bone, fat and gristle will start developing a layer of fond. Allow these bits to get dark in color but do not overcook to where smoke appears. 3. When finished, pull out the bones and cooked bits. The bones will go back into the stew. The cooked bits can be gotten rid of but look for crisp meaty pieces before tossing, they are tasty .4. Pour off all but a teaspoon of oil and set aside for later use. If not much oil was rendered, no need to worry, vegetable oil to make up the difference.5. Cube the pork meat and leave on the cutting board until needed.6. With the pot still on low heat, add the oregano, black & white pepper, & cumin.7. Stir the seasonings then add the diced onions. 8. Stir the onions and seasonings together then allow the onion to sauté. Stir occasionally. When the onions soften, add the garlic and cook for a few minutes. If the garlic is cooked very long it will give off a nutty flavor. Some people have a preference to this.9. When the onions and garlic are softened, remove from stockpot and set aside in a bowl. Notice that much, if not all, the fond created by the bit and pieces, have become part of the cooked onions, garlic, and seasonings. 10. Raise the heat of the stockpot to medium and add a teaspoon of oil.11. Take a portion of the cubed pork and drop into the stockpot. The meat is to be cooked in portions to allow them to brown. This is necessary to create a layer of fond on the bottom of the pot. If the meat is not crowded, where there is space between the pieces of meat, browning will occur instead of boiling. Add all the browned meat into a bowl until all portions of the meat are finished.12. Set heat to medium/low and in the empty stockpot, add 1 tablespoon of cooking oil. 13. When the oil is heated, add 1 tablespoon of flour. Stir the oil and flour together to create a paste, called roux, for thickening the soup a bit. Stir constantly allows the roux to cook for at least 2 minutes to remove the flour taste. The amount can be increased if a thicker soup is preferred but the flavor does change a bit.14. When the roux is ready, add the cooked onions & garlic and stir the mixture.15. Add the meat and stir the mixture. Remember to throw in the browned bones. This will add flavor. 16. Add the liquid chicken stock along with the chicken flavored bouillon cube then stir the mixture.17. Last, the chopped Autumn Roast Green Chilies are added. Bring to a boil then set to simmer for at least 30 minutes. 18. Add chicken stock or water as needed. At about 15-20 minutes, any that fat that rises to the top can be skimmed.**** Special Note ****Soup like this is even richer if served the next day. Put the cooled soup in the refrigerator and reheat the next day. It can be kept for 3 days. However, it has never lasted that long at my house.Suggested Accompaniments:A simple pinto & black bean soup is wonderful. This allows for those who might find the Autumn Roast Green Chile Soup a bit too spicy to tone it down a bit. Regardless, the combination of bean soup and green chile is great.Also, fresh skillet baked wheat tortillas are also very good. Taking the tortilla dough and rolling them out and then deep-fry them is very nice. The result looks like a sopapilla. The bubbles in the fried tortilla are torn off. Over the soup bowl a spoon of the chile and beans mix are dropped into the bubble and eaten.

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