Shrimp Cocktail

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This is a wonderful dish to serve with any meal, or as an appetizer for a holiday meal. The addition of parsley and lemon slices as a garnish will compliment the red color of the shrimp for that festive appearance. This is sure to be a hit with seafood lovers!

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  • add   1 fresh lemon, juice of
  • add   fresh parsley
  • add   lemon slices
  • add   salt and pepper
  • add   1 cup catsup
  • add   2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
  • add   2 lbs large shrimp, steamed and chilled (allow 1/4 lb. Per person)
  • add   2 teaspoons horseradish
  • add   ice (preferably crushed)


  1. Steam the Shrimp for about 5 minutes or until they turn pink.
  2. Be careful not to overcook.
  3. After the shrimp are steamed, allow them to cool and remove the shells, leaving the tail in place.
  4. Refrigerate while you prepare the sauce In a small serving bowl prepare the sauce by mixing the catsup, Worcestershire sauce, horsradish, lemon juice, salt and pepper.
  5. Just prior to serving, fill a larger serving bowl with crushed ice and place the bowl of cocktail sauce in the center to chill.
  6. Arrange sprigs of parsley and lemon around the center bowl on top of the ice to enhance the green and red color scheme.
  7. Arrange the steamed shrimp around the edge of the larger bowl with the tails hanging over the edge of the bowl.