Strawberry Lemon Birthday Cake

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Perfect Birthday Cake - My Georgie requests AngelFood Cake for his June birthday so I have this fun way of preparing it with fresh berrys and lemon...its not just good...its HEAVEN

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  • add   1 Package Angel Food Cake (Betty Crocker)
  • add   1 Lg cook and serve Jello Lemon pudding
  • add   1 basket strawberries- 2 tbs sugar
  • add   Lemon Juice
  • add   Powdered sugar
  • add   1 tsp vanilla
  • add   1 Lg container of cool whip topping (or pint of whip cream)
  • add   NOTE: You will need a special tube cake pan-
  • add   It has a breakaway bottom for cake release


  1. Easy. * Get your pan out and do not spray or grease it, just put aside. Oven on at 350 and follow directions on cake mix - Bake and turn upside down right away to cool
  2. * While cake is baking wash, slice and sprinke your strawberries with some sugar and let them cool in fridge
  3. * While cake is cooling upside-down Follow jello pudding directions for lemon and squirt in 1 tbsp extra lemon juice to make the filling tart- put aside to cool
  4. * Take cake out of pan carefully and turn upright on your fancy cake dish or tier. Cut the cake in half - so you have a top and bottom. The bottom piece is on your cake dish and you carefully pull out little bits of cake to make a well or moat all around the circle and use the pieces removed to put in the middle, to fill the hole
  5. *Spoon out the strawberries wo/juice into the well
  6. *Now slowly pour the lemon pudding over the strawberries to fill the well and cover the whole top..let it go slow and hold 1/3 of the pudding back. Put the top on the cake and then pour the rest of pudding to fill the center hole. Let sit for 5 min.
  7. * Mix your whip topping with the vanilla and sprinkle n fold in powdered sugar to give the whip cream a stronger hold. then frost the whole cake. Top with coconut or just a few whole or halved strawberries
  8. *Chill in fridge for 3 hrs + so the cake gets moist and fills with flavors...SOOO GOOD and pretty when cut -
  9. * Use taller cake candles

ChefsugNote From The Chef

@SeniorCareTips 19:49, 13 Jun 2010

This is such a fun birthday cake and easy to do but very fancy to serve. Its great with raspberry too and you will just adore it. I have used 7 min frosting before, but the whip cream frosting makes it so moist...just be sure to chill it so its in perfect shape for cutting and serving..Yeah, enjoy!

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