stuffing dressing for turkey


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Servs: 8   Prep:   Cook:

I had this recipe from my grandmother for over 60 years, It's really delcious, one of my favorite stuffing dressing.. Try these on thanksgiving and christmas !!

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  • add   2 bags of stuffing mix croutons
  • add   1 loaf of sweet french bread
  • add   3 boiled eggs-chopped
  • add   1/2 c. white onions
  • add   1/2 c. celery- chopped
  • add   1c. parsley- chopped
  • add   3 Tbs of fresh garlic- chopped
  • add   1 can of chicken broth
  • add   from the turkey inside, heart, liver, neck- boil for 45 mins, then cool and chopped..
  • add   dash garlic salt
  • add   dash salt +black pepper
  • add   dash sage
  • add   1/4 c. olive oil


  1. The night before thanksgiving, Boil 3 eggs, in another pan boil heart,liver and neck with salt. when done..let it cool for a while..
  2. chopped white onions,celery, garlic, eggs, parsley, then put in a medium tupperware and put in refrigator for over night...
  3. In the morning whatever u desire to start cooking and follow the pound of the turkey depends on how many hours to cook with turkey...
  4. In a large skillet, 1/4 cup of olive oil, cook with white onions, celery, eggs, parsley, garlic, dash with garlic salt and black pepper until tender about 10- 15 mins..
  5. in a large bowl, break the sweet french bread with stuffing dressing crotons, with the vegetables and eggs to mix with, and i can of chicken broth to pour over the stuffing dressing and mix it really good, dash with sage, black pepper, salt..
  6. Normally with turkey, put salt and cooking oil to rub in turkey on outside and inside, before stuffing dressing in and tied in with turkey... cook for 5 hours, between the time when greasing is falling, make sure pour the juice over the turkey to keep it moisture...
  7. Good luck !!!

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