world's best fried turkey

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We started the Turkey Fry in 2007, it's now THE THANKSGIVING CENTERPIECE!!! The entire family will tell you - it truly is "THE WORLD'S BEST FRIED TURKEY" don't let the cayenne pepper scare you at all, it really does burn off during the fry, you're left with just a great tasting turkey. enjoy ;-) -ryan

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Change Serving Size
  • add   * 1 (16 ounce) bottle Italian dressing
  • add   * 1/2 cup cayenne pepper
  • add   * 1/2 cup black pepper
  • add   * 1 cup Creole seasoning
  • add   * 2 tablespoons garlic powder
  • add   AND OF COURSE... A Turkey (11-14 lbs. is ideal)
  • add'll also need 2 trash bags


  1. The Prep
  2. 1 - Mix talian dressing, cayenne pepper, black pepper, Creole seasoning, and garlic powder.
  3. 2 - Get everything out of the turkey, (gizzards - neck) and ensure that it's thawed obviously. Place in your first trash bag.
  4. 3 - In your trash bag, rub your mix over the turkey under the skin if possible directly on the meat. Use left over to fill cavity. This will get messy, don't enjoy it too much.
  5. 4 - Once you feel you've massaged your turkey long enough with the rub/marinade, cinch up the first trash bag and place in the second, clean trash bag. Cinch it up and stash it in the fridge/cooler.
  6. Allow turkey to marinate overnight!!!!!
  7. Day of the Fry
  8. 1 - Remove turkey. Fold the wings of the turkey behind the bird's shoulders - Place on poultry rack.
  9. 2 - Get your peanut oil to 350.
  10. 3 - Lower the turkey in SLOWLY.... (Tip - use a wood 2x4 or pole to actually lower in the Turkey, hanging the Turkey on the hook from the 2x4 / pole and a person on each side lowering their respective end... slowly ;-)
  11. 4 - Fry for about three and a half minutes per pound, until meat is golden and a deep-frying thermometer in the thickest part of the turkey thigh registers 175 degrees F.
  12. 5 - Lift basket out of oil and drain turkey, including the cavity, in a pan or large bowl allowing more oil to further drain out.
  13. 6 - Carve and serve after the turkey has cooled for 20 minutes.

ChefsugNote From The Chef

ryan.nunez 06:39, 26 Nov 2010

See a video of the fry here!

ChefsugNote From The Chef

ryan.nunez 02:54, 23 Nov 2007

* The oil will splatter when you fry the turkey, so wear old clothes. * Buy the oil from a wholesale grocer to save money. * Make a baked stuffing on the side; you cannot stuff a fried turkey. (Duh!) * Use a turkey that weighs 14 pounds or less. * Dry the turkey well, because a wet turkey will splash dangerously when placed in oil. * Do not deep-fry the turkey in an attached building, such as a garage, or on a wooden deck. (Duh!) * Make sure you have enough propane to last the entire frying time, about 40 to 49 minutes for a 11- to 14-pound bird. * Keep an eye on the frying bird at all times. * If you're doing it over concrete, pour kitty litter on the ground so if oil spills it'll be absorbed by the litter. Keep your cat away though.

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